Sylvia Carter’s greatest passion is her strong belief in the ministry of spiritually empowering women. She understands the struggles of the 21st century woman. As a former educator in the public school system, and a partner  with her husband at Siloam Church International, she is a wife and mother of two children, Thaydra and Jonathon Jr., and knows the many demands placed on women daily that can hinder forward movement in Christ.

As a living testimony she speaks to the heart of every woman, broken and whole: the single woman, the wife and the mother.She has testified that as a Pastor’s wife, she has had to sow in tears.Not all of them of her own making but she stresses that they were all for her own good!

It is her strong belief that she has survived every adversity; because her daughter had to see a woman of strength but also her compassion and love for God.Her son had to see a wife and mother who never lost hope, and her husband had to see a partner with the tenacity of Deborah and for the world to see that she is truly Sara’s Daughter!

She believes that the ministry of women is important because it dynamically connects to the foundation of the family, which can and should be the most powerful influence on our children, the next generation of believers. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two children.

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